Saturday, September 6, 2008

Countdown to Halloween

Pink Anemone in Backyard

White Anemone in Backyard

55 Days to Halloween and Counting...

So, I was driving to a friend's house a week or so ago and noticed that her neighbor has some rather large, rather orange pumpkins. I was so jealous... Byron called it "Pumpkin Envy" and that is exactly what it is. Now, granted, that guy only had about 3 pumpkins total (that I could see) and we have quite a few more pumpkins than that, but how did he get his pumpkins so big and so orange in August. I guess he got a good early start, probably indoors where nothing got to the delicious little seeds. Anyway, we didn't get quite the early start, but we DO HAVE PUMPKINS, lots and lots of pumpkins especially the mini ones called "Jack-be-little" and "Baby Boo".

Oh, and I got myself a new camera last night and needed something easy to photograph (you know, easy as in doesn't wiggle when you take a picture of it like puppies and kids).

12 week old Lily finally sat still for 3 seconds

So, I just barely figured out how to set my camera to all the automatic settings and get a lense on the thing and I ran out the door to take pictures of our "harvest". I know this is a little self indulgent (so many pictures), but it is good practice--and I need practice. I start a photography class in two weeks and I am a little worried I will be way out of my league.

My main focus was squash and pumpkins, but I also got a little carried away with other veggies and flowers. I also remembered that while I was at work a couple weeks ago Joey had gotten overzealous with the squash picking and plucked the only Hubbard squash growing in the yard (way too early to be picking those guys... they are supposed to get huge). C'est La Vie... there's always next year.

Delicata, Hubbard & Butternut Squash on the
Dining Room Table

I'm pretty happy with the way these photos turned out
inside the dining room... I wish it didn't take so long to download
them to the blog in a larger high quality format. Anyway, here is our
favorite squash, the Delicata. Michael and Sammy think it tastes
like pancakes. Ha!
There is one plant I probably won't get for the garden
next year... Summer Squash. This one summer squash is about
8' around (picture is taken from the deck about 15' above the
plant) and was the first thing in the yard to produce.
We have harvested dozens and dozens of squash already....
and the thing is still blooming like crazy.
I think I will start plucking the blossoms and make
stuffed squash blossoms for dinner next week--and then
we will say good-bye to Mr. Squash, I am getting sick
of Yellow Summer Squash!

We have so many tomatoes that need to ripen (I'm
sure like everyone else... this hasn't been the best
August for ripening tomatoes)
But we have enjoyed quite a few yellow cherry tomatoes
and a few red romas
Pattypan Squash

Beautiful Jack-be-Little Pumpkin

Echinacea Flower

Japanese Eggplant ready to pick.

A couple nice big green pumpkins that still have
55 days to turn orange!

Its just about time to say good-bye to the
blackberries. We let them grow in one section of the backyard so that we could
enjoy them, and I did make some delicious Blackberry preserves
last month and put them in a coffee cake that didn't quite get
cooked enough... I may try that one again.
Butternut squash that Joey did not pick. I'm sure
they will ripen before it freezes...

My two Cinderella pumpkin plants have only
produced one pumpkin so far
even though they are putting out blossoms like crazy...???

The cucumbers took forever to come on, but now
we have lots... I even made my first bread &
butter pickles this morning.
The Ancho Chiles are getting big... supposedly
they are going to turn red? This is my first
time growing them and I don't know what I will
use them for--where is Bobby Flay when you need him?
A little "Baby Boo" next to a big green monster.
Hey, I think I see some orange on that green...

The kids are back to school and summer is almost over...
Time to plant the winter crops!


Betsy said...

I love the pictures Kari! I don't think that you will be out of your league at all. What kind of camera did you get?

Betsy said...

Oh, and I am very jealous that you are taking a photography class. It would be fun to take one together. I don't think they would allow 3 years olds in class though.

kjlubitz said...

Thanks for the compliment. I got a Nikon D300 (I am going to have to build some serious muscle if I plan on lugging this thing around--with lense it is SO heavy). I thought about asking you to join me in the class, but I knew the timing was not so good--what with back surgery and all. I will need another class or two, at least, for sure and hopefully you will be all healed up by then. Btw, this one is on Saturday's... and I happen to know you have a really cool husband that, I'm sure, would welcome a little Logan duty.

Also, I want you to take a "family holiday" picture for us when you are better.

Betsy said...

I would love to take a class with you when I am all healed up. I would also love to take a "family holiday" picture for you.

Lindsay B said...

Oh my goodness I am in love with your garden. It is incredible! And I love the dining room squash photos. Is that one of Joey's dishes?

kjlubitz said...

Hi Lindsay! Dining Room pottery is a beautiful piece my Mom picked up for me on one of their trips to Napa Valley. They have great pottery in the Napa Area. Although Joey could make one like that, I'm sure he wouldn't--its probably too conventional for him. But I love it and yeah, now that I have embraced the yard and given it some priority in my life--I love it. How are your tomatoes doing? Did you guys make salsa? or something more fun? or are those tomatoes still sitting in a bowl on the kitchen table ;0)