Saturday, April 6, 2013

Sammy's Got a New Room!

One of these days we are going to be able to call this old house complete. Pretty sure it won't be any day soon, but some day....

Sammy's room got a complete overhaul last month. Furniture removed, new window covering, carpets cleaned, walls painted. Ta da! Here's his new room about 90% complete. A rug and a couple pieces of artwork will arrive Tuesday, but I could not wait for the unveiling.

We kept the Americana Theme in Sammy's bedroom. His room has always had a red, white & blue flair, complete with American Flag and everything. The flag was relegated to the closet. The designers know what they are doing.

The wallpaper came from France, ooh, la, la.

I love the horses, I think I will name them.

The large TV made it in, so this is the official media guest room. Joey's room has books and music. Sammy's will have the X-Box. Oh my gosh, that is shocking... said no one, EVER!

Comfy Queen Size Bed.

Sammy will be home at the end of this coming week for a couple days. I know he is going to love it, especially the new comfy mattress!

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Lindsay said...

Such a great room! I love every aspect of it. I've been thinking about hanging some sort of large equestrian artwork in our dining room. But that will be after we paint the main floor, so will probably be years from now!