Sunday, May 9, 2010

Joey's Senior Prom, Saturday, May 8, 2010: A Photo Chronicle

The Car:

The Corsage:

The Boy:

The Proud Papa:

The Departure:

The Date:
(oh yeah, and the Versace suit)

The Photo Shoot:

The Usual Suspects:

Jasmine Bath, Ted Case, Irene Milsom, Max Gideonse, Joey Lubitz

Most of the Gang:

The Girls:

Sara Hensel, Erica Berry, Sophie Fyfield, Becky Polley, Jasmine Bath, Irene Milsom

The Goofy Guys:

Joey Lubitz, Andreas Wilson, Will Jackson, Max Gideonse, Luke Rodgers, Toby Alden, Ted Case

Good friends:
for 18 years and counting....

A Good Laugh:
(after Andreas rescued Jasmine from falling into the water)

Off to Prom:


Kim said...

What a good looking group. Joey is lucky to have so many good friends! Love you guys

kjlubitz said...

Thanks Kim. Yes, so many friends... so much fun. We can't believe it is almost over. We plan to come up and see everyone very soon. Love, Kari.