Monday, March 1, 2010

Signs of Spring

Michael and I have been spending some quality time in the garden on these wonderfully sunny 60 degree days we have been having in Portland. We even got Sammy out to help, a little. Where is Joey, you might ask? Let's not go there...

When the winter pansies are planted in the pots in the Fall, it just amazes me that they stay so beautiful throughout the winter and then in spring the blossoms just start multiplying like crazy. Pansies come in the most gorgeous colors and for looking so delicate, they are amazingly durable.
We have a few of these shrubs (below) in our yard. I hacked this one back as it was getting too big for my liking. Here is some of the new growth. It looks like he doesn't mind at all getting pruned way back.

I cannot say enough about my love for Magnolias. The trees are beautiful, the branches are beautiful, the buds are beautiful. I am particularly fond of the fact that they bud first and then get their leaves later... like Dogwood. It's nice to be a little different.

The lady that had our house built way back in 1939, just loved Camellias. We have some lovely exotic varieties that have been here for more than half a century.We have red varieties, hot pink, pink, white and perhaps my favorite...the variegated pink and white variety that reminds me of peppermint salt water taffy. I have learned to love Camellias although as I have said before, they don't actually seem all that practical for the Pacific Northwest. They have lovely delicate petals and inevitably just as their fragile blooms burst forth, the spring rains come and just destroy them. Turn them awful shades of brown and toss them to the ground. Oh well, we will enjoy the beauty for now... I hear the rain is coming tomorrow.

Just as much as I love trees that bloom before they leaf, I also love the wonderful fruit trees that get their leaves and flowers all at the same time. I am especially fond of crab apple and quince blossoms mainly because their buds are packed so tightly. The quince blossoms are so round and pink:
And our little quince bush is covered in bunches of blossoms just about to bloom.
Our plum trees, in their second year, are looking lovely.
I can't wait to see if the red variety produces fruit this year.
And of course there are the beautiful spring bulb flowers bursting out all over the yard.

When the squat little Hyacinths start blooming, you know spring is just around the corner.


Dana Melnick said...

You sure wouldn't know that little groundhog saw it's shadow by looking at your lovely garden. Here's to an easy and beautiful spring.

kjlubitz said...

I think that darn groundhog sees his shadow every year, doesn't he? Perhaps we should have our own Pacific NW groundhog!

Heaven said...

i need to come and just sit in your garden! lovely lovely.