Wednesday, April 1, 2009

End of the Road

The final full day of our trip was dedicated to two schools in Amherst, Mass. After our delicious Purple Gables breakfast, we visited Amherst College. This school was not a great match for Joey (a little too stuffy) and I don't think Joey will apply, but they did have a really cool Natural History Museum with real dinosaur bones:
Our afternoon campus tour was of Hampshire College. Also not a good match (a little too unstructured--well a lot too unstructured) for Joey and he was pretty uninspired by the 60's style non-descript campus buildings so therefore no decent pictures.
Aerial view of Skidmore College

After leaving Amherst, Mass. we drove to Saratoga Springs, NY. Friday morning we took a 1 1/2 hour campus tour of Skidmore College. Joey and I were both so engrossed in the tour, we actually forgot to take pictures. It was a nice campus in a beautiful little town.

So, after an exhausting 4 1/2 day east coast college tour of 9 colleges, we ended up with 5 thumbs up: Columbia, Bard, Vassar, Wesleyan and Brown

a couple of neutrals (thumbs sideways?): RISD & Skidmore

and 3 thumbs down: NYU, Amherst & Hampshire.

It was an informative, exhausting, and exhilarating trip. Definitely worth taking, but I am definitely not up for a repeat any time soon.


Lindsay said...

I vote Columbia!! :)

kjlubitz said...

Me too!! Put some pressure on him. Ha, I really do think he could get in if he takes the application process very seriously. We'll see. I also like Brown. He takes the SAT on 5/2... same day as prom--should be interesting to see how that goes, he is spread pretty thin.